[plug] OT WAY OT

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com
Tue Mar 13 16:23:30 WST 2007

sothisistheinternet wrote:
> Unlikely to be sata on a laptop...unless it's something bleeding edge 
> that I'm unaware of from HP. As Shannon asked: what's the issue?

I bought an HP notebook (nx6320 or nc6320 from memory) a few weeks ago 
which contained a SATA drive. It caused problems until I disabled 
"Native SATA mode" in BIOS as directed by HP. Then there's a driver 
which I've yet to install, which should enable MS Windows to see the 
drive with this mode re-enabled.

Thankfully I had no such trouble booting the machine using a Gentoo 
bootdisk for many enjoyable seconds of filesystem manipulation.


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