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Paul Dean paul at thecave.ws
Wed Mar 14 12:03:43 WST 2007

Hi all,

I got a number of machines and a Netgear switch for sale and a Cisco
7905 series VOIP phone and some other gear as well.

Machine specs are all 4ru some rack mount some std cases.
Intel and AMD, a couple of SMP machines, all with about 512Gb ram and
80Gb HDD.

These machines were used as servers and are good quality, and most of
them have Debian Etch installed.

I'm just looking to get rid of them for some $$$.

Make me and offer.

First in best dressed.

Email me off list or phone me.

This is purely private sale, not from a shop or something, just stuff
I've accumulated over the years.



Paul Dean.
Mob: 0403 622 009

Your IT Administrator Extraordinaire

"Life is not WHAT you make it, it's WHO you have in it..."

Are you making all this up as you go along?
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