[plug] [OT] Vista is a serious mess?

caston at arach.net.au caston at arach.net.au
Fri Mar 16 08:39:19 WST 2007

Quoting Bret Busby <bret at busby.net>:

> Can we have an end to this completetely unrelated rubbish?
> I had understood that this was supposed to be a list relating to Linux 
> and the operation of the PLUG, not a forum for slinging off at other 
> operating systems.
> As the subject line says, it IS off-topic, and should not bne allowed 
> on this list.
> Or, is the purpose of this list, now trolling?
> --
> Bret Busby
> Armadale
> West Australia

You're right. I appoligise for posting this. I just have to get used to the
classic situation where the consultant needs to fix the mess that occurs when
the customer goes against their advice.

best regards,


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