[plug] undeleting files in xfs, please help !

Andrew Furey andrew.furey at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 16:28:24 WST 2007

> You can often recover data with simple unix tools.  I have recovered
> someone's tax spreadsheets from a many-gigabyte disk image by merely
> searching the image for the bytes that mark the beginning of an MS
> Office file at the start of every 512 byte boundary (reasoning that I
> couldn't reliably predict the cluster size and offset as the boot
> sector and FAT had been trashed).  Whenever the marker was found, I
> saved the next few hundred kilobytes.
> In that case, I was lucky that every file was contiguous on the disk,
> probably because they were relatively small files.  For bigger files
> or files on a fragmented disk it wouldn't have worked so well.
> (I really should have saved the shell script I used to do that...)
> Perhaps photorec does much the same thing?  I have used a similar tool
> for photo recovery, but can't remember its name.

I've used magicrescue a couple of times in the past with good
results... works best on Office-type files (including the OSS ones)
and images files.


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