[plug] nullarbor 2007

Adrian Boeing junk at adrianboeing.com
Mon Mar 19 18:19:08 WST 2007

Dear PLUG,

Interzone nullarbor, the annual game development competition and 
demoparty is almost upon us.  iznullarbor will run over three days, with 
Friday 30th March being open to competitors and industry, and Saturday 
and Sunday also open to the public.

For details (competitions, prizes, machine specs, etc.), see the current 
newsletter and FAQ:


The procedure to register for and enter iznullarbor is simple, first 
team members subscribe their email addresses, by following the links 
from the main nullarbor 2007 website (http://www.notrees.org/2007) Once 
this is done, the team can register their intent to submit an entry.  
Registration will allow competitors to purchase a three-day entry pass 
from our hosts, the GO3 Electronic Entertainment Expo at $15 for 
students and $18 for adults (this is to gain entry to the venue - and is 
not necessary if you already hold a pass to enter).

The first deadline for entries is 5PM on Wednesday 28th March, 
submission will be via an online system.  Submission by this deadline 
will allow us to set up your entry on the competition machines for Friday.

The final deadline is Friday 30th March at 5PM.  Competitors may come in 
during Friday, test out their entries, and make last minute adjustments.

Voting begins on Saturday, with a screening and awards ceremony on Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you there!
- Adrian

(Apologies for the somewhat off-topic email, I was told the event might 
PLUG. This year one of the groups is making a game entry which boots 
directly from a Linux CD - might be of interest to PLUG!)

Also, note that this year there is a 'wild' / animation competition, so 
all you commodore 128 VDC and other alternate hardware fans can enter 
something this year.

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