[plug] Bind web interface

Adrian Woodley Adrian at Diskworld.com.au
Fri Nov 2 09:41:17 WST 2007

I'm thinking of checking the zone files into SVN for revision control. 
Does that make me a bad man? :P

Patrick Coleman wrote:
> On 11/1/07, Adrian Woodley <Adrian at screamingroot.org> wrote:
>> G'day pluggers,
>> While I normally shy away from automated configuration systems and
>> prefer to build things by hand, I have a need for a web interface DNS
>> management.
>> I'm chasing something that will do revision control / change history,
>> sanitisation and syntax checking of zone files.
>> Has anyone on list played with such a system before?
> I've used webmin; not too bad, though it doesn't do revision control.
> Also a little clunky to use.
> -Patrick

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