[plug] Bind web interface

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Fri Nov 2 09:56:14 WST 2007

No... you're *already* a bad man :P

Seriously though, in another life I wrote a set of shell scripts (yay 
for awk/sed) which formed an automated DNS provisioning system. As it 
was part of an email/DNS hosting system it would wait until the TLD's 
had provisioned the domain and then deploy the zone.  Web editing of the 
zone used a form and was restricted to simple A, C and MX records which 
limited the need for syntax checking.

Patrick: maybe you can explain the target audience for the web interface 
and the type of DNS records you're looking after?  I'm happy to give you 
some pointers and may even be able to dig up some code.


Adrian Woodley wrote:
> I'm thinking of checking the zone files into SVN for revision control. 
> Does that make me a bad man? :P
> Patrick Coleman wrote:
>> On 11/1/07, Adrian Woodley <Adrian at screamingroot.org> wrote:
>>> G'day pluggers,
>>> While I normally shy away from automated configuration systems and
>>> prefer to build things by hand, I have a need for a web interface DNS
>>> management.
>>> I'm chasing something that will do revision control / change history,
>>> sanitisation and syntax checking of zone files.
>>> Has anyone on list played with such a system before?
>> I've used webmin; not too bad, though it doesn't do revision control.
>> Also a little clunky to use.
>> -Patrick
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