[plug] Simple USB Memory Stick solution for Debian Etch

Michael Hunt michael at aussie.oddsocks.net
Tue Nov 20 19:38:18 WST 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 12:15 AM, Gavin Chester <gavin.chester at gmail.com> wrote:

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> > Hmm. Well I'm not in front of the machine at the moment but it didn't
> > seem to do that (hence the reason for asking the question). I did do
> > the install from the XFCE iso (see URL below) so maybe there is a
> > component that is in a bog standard etch install that is not in the
> > XFCE one.
> Ahhh, now all is revealed ;-). The whole thing hinges on your
> desktop/window manager. That is, I discovered the hard way that an
> identical machine running Xfce will not automount usb, but will if
> started with gnome or kde for a new user session. Sometimes though you
> can break it for the other window managers and have to make sure the
> right packages are installed and working. This came up on another list
> recently and via google I found someone said it far better than me:
> "There is now a set of utilities out there called "pmount" and "hal"
> which provide a more dependable interface so that GNOME and KDE can
> automatically mount these things. So first, install the packages
> "pmount" and "hal" (in Debian "hal" depends automatically on "udev", -
> hence you will need to be running kernel 2.6 for any of this to work).
> Then, you will need to add all authorized users to the group "plugdev".
> Any user in this group will be able to automatically mount a USB
> device."
> Gavin

Thanks Gavin. It does. This was the very answer I also stumbled upon after
searching around last night.

So now everything is working for my Dad. Just need to get my mum's machine
converted over from Vista ….

Michael Hunt
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