[plug] openSuSE system crash - problem child

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Thu Nov 29 13:28:25 WST 2007

Hello PLUG list members,

My imaging workstation (ASUS P5K motherboard, etc, etc) is getting spiteful.

It now locks up when idle.   Not doing large copies, not playing music, 
just pretty much idling with screen saver running.   This time cannot even 
ping it, let alone SSH into it.

Will boot in failsafe mode and / or run memtest.

BIOS updated as per previous post(s), CPU temperatures seem okay except 
that in /var/log/messages during boot I see reference to...

"coretemp coretemp:0 Using undocumented features, absolute temperature 
might be wrong!" and the same for core1

I do note that the array is being resynched.   (cat /proc/mdstat) Not sure 
if this is related to the hard reset I had to do, however, or possibly to 
the early-morning smartclt -t long <drive in the array> that I did.

Meantime any thoughts appreciated.

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