[plug] Recycling hardware question

Gregory Orange gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com
Thu Nov 29 15:39:48 WST 2007

Leon Brooks wrote:
> Some friends of customers have older hardware that they
> want to dispose of. I got involved because they have
> data on a hard drive that they _don't_ want broadcast
> (dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/hda) but was wondering if
> there was a useful, long-term answer I could offer.
> BTW, yes, these are WA people & for a couple of months
> at least, I'm in WA.
> Cheers; Leon

Welcome back again Leon, even if only temporarily. How's the 'Eastern 
States' (golly we're parochial, yet still we haven't seceded)?

Useful, long-term? Do you mean, hand them something they can use instead 
of you having to dd it for them? In that case: DBAN. 

If I'm confused, maybe someone else isn't, or perhaps you could 
un-confuse me.


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