[plug] Firewall suggestion?

Kev kdownes at tpg.com.au
Wed Oct 24 11:08:15 WST 2007

skribe productions wrote:
> On 10/24/07, *Daniel Pearson (Flashware Solutions)* 
> <daniel at flashware.net <mailto:daniel at flashware.net>> wrote:
>     Tried the Snapgear devices? SG500 would probably be what you want.
> Thanks.  No, I'm a clueless NOOB.  Couldn't find the SG500.  It looks 
> to have been updated to the SG560.  I'm trying to work out if the 
> SG300 will allow me to do what I want too.  Opinion?
> skribe
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Is there any special reason why a headless mini PC box is unsuitable?  
IPCop is FOSS and /very/ good and requires /very/ low end hardware and 
resources.  Very configurable via an easy to use WEB interface and it'll 
do all that you've mentioned.  If you really want to get fancy with it 
there's an excellent book available from Amazon (and other places too I 
s'pose).  Here's a review  


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