[plug] Intro & IpCop

Rob Fairholme robfairholme at softhome.net
Wed Oct 24 13:58:03 WST 2007

'llo all. In the past I've dabbled with Mandrake, SuSE and Sarge on old 
x86 boxes (both as dual-boot and on their own, usually P3 or even 
slower!) Eventually bit the bullet, Etch on an IBM SAI2 with 2x P3 
1400Mhz (surprise) and 3 gig of ecc & an nVidia 64 Mb PCI card - not bad 
for $200. KDE runs beautifully and apart from some ram mount hiccups 
(corrugated cardboard between sticks to hold it in place) all good and 
well. It doesn't get the same online time as my XP box - games and the 
like but I've run a few Battlefield2 and 2142 maps on it to my mates' 
applause. But.... I connect it through a Speedtouch 570 with inbuilt 
DHCP - I've  put  the default gateway for the modem and ISPs DNS in 
through the Network setup (as root), got picofirewall running and 
connect easily. Then about 15 min into session I lose the connection 
regardless of activity or not (I don't think its a keepalive problem) - 
any suggestions? I'll try to post flikr urls for lspci, ifconfig and 
iptraf later today or tomorrow for what I'm sure will be the suggested 
requests. To skribe, I'm not sure if this is what you want, but I've 
used Smoothwall <cid:part1.03080203.09020206 at softhome.net>  before on 
old boxes to great effect (not too sure if its GPL tho). Sorry about the 
length but this IS my first post. Cheers - Rob. 

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