[plug] How does the "" address work?

Arie Hol arie99 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Oct 28 20:17:23 WST 2007

On 28 Oct 2007 at 2:55, Fred Janon wrote:

> I am working on an application that needs to be accessed through the
> network and also accessed locally. since I don't want to implement 2
> different modes of access and use the HTTP port for both (using
> for local access) I'd like to know what is the performance
> difference in accessing the application through the network
> address compared to accessing from another computer on the network,
> assuming that the network performance is pretty good (100Mb/sec or
> more).
> I wonder how does the network access through the address
> work. Is is a special path inside the network driver? Is it a loopback
> at some level inside the network stack?
> Does anyone a resource on the Web that describes how the ""
> address is supposed to be implemented?

For a little insight into goto :


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