[plug] printer won't restart

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Tue Apr 1 12:44:42 WST 2008

Hello Richard - long time no chat :-(

At 05:32 PM 26/03/2008, Richard Yellin wrote:
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>On Wed, 26 Mar 2008 15:13:31 +0800, Tomasz Grzegurzko <tomasz89 at gmail.com>
>>On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 4:30 PM, Richard Yellin
>><rhyellin at westnet.com.au> wrote:
>>>  This is a repost as I got no replies.  I am stuck and don't know how to
>>>  fix this and get my printer going.


>Thanks Tomasz.  My distro is Rsdhat 9 and the printer connection is
>parellel to parellel.
>Your reply made me think back to basics and I checked the cords behind the
>computer and do I feel stupid; the printer parellel cable had fallen away
>and there was no connction to the computer.
>However the problem remains after I reconnected the cable and rebooted.
>Firstly, kuzzu didn't start up and the CUPS test page didn't start either.

I too used RH (but FC3 or FC4 IIRC) on an HP 5652 parallel connected 
printer several years ago.   The one annoying feature I found was that it 
was sensitive to the power-on sequence.   If the PC was powered on before 
the printer, the printer would fail to be seen by CUPS.    Perhaps not 
surprisingly since parallel connections are generally not as "hot 
pluggable" as USB.

So maybe power off the PC, power on the printer then after the printer has 
done its self checks and settled down, turn on the PC.

Hmmm... that could be another option :-)   The 5652 has USB so have you 
tried a USB connection, I wonder?

>Also, how do I remove the printer through the GUI?

I think that Tomasz is referring to the CUPS GUI.   Point a web browser to to view CUPS administration.   You should then be able 
to delete the HP printer and start again.

>Secondly, when I do "# service cups status" to see if cupsd is running or
>not, I get 'bash: service: command not found"
>and I can't proceed from there.

Does show anything useful?
Or       ps -A | grep cups        just to make sure the cupsd service is 
actually running :-)

>I also get "$ or # lpc" and "bash: lpc: command not found" and "$ or #lpr"
>gives "bash : lpr: command not found"
>But "$ or # lpq" works OK.
>Can anyone explain this.

Broken during an update perhaps?   If you do a locate for them, are they 
found?   Alternatively what results from a "which lpr" - on a Debian Etch 
system this gives "/usr/bin/lpr"


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