[plug] Dependancy Problem

Innis Cunningham innisc at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 5 08:45:52 WST 2008

 Sorry my bad libpango is the wrong version but as I dont wish to stuff up my
install I guess I wont be using this program for the time being
> Hi All
> I am trying to install the DVDstyler program via getdeb on ubuntu 7.10
> but it needs libsvg0 which when I try to install it from the deb says it needs
> libpango 1.0.0.The thing is libpango is installed.How do I get libsvg0 to see it.
> Is there some command line magic I need to do to get libsvg0 to see libpango.
> Something like HEY DEB.
> Here it is right where it has been all along.
> Well thats what my wife says to me when I cant find something.:-)
> Thanks for any help.

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