[plug] Memtest86+

Dion tenzero at iinet.net.au
Mon Apr 7 15:03:16 WST 2008

As others have indicated it is likely you have a hardware failure.

It is not normal behaviour for memtest to just lockup and require a hard 
power down.

I have experienced this same crash due to faulty L2 cache - my fault for 
using a slightly high CPU voltage.

There are options in memtest for you to disable CPU cache and see if the 
problem goes away.
If it is a faulty CPU cache, you may be able to disable the L2 cache in 
the bios just to get you running until you get a replacement CPU.


David Dartnall wrote:
> Hi all,
> Not importamt I guess, but I'm interested...
> Running memtest86+ from the boot options in gutsy results in action 
> ceasing at test #3 with no response from keyboard or mouse. - esc for 
> reboot does nothing etc... Is this normal behaviour (have to switch 
> the computer off & start again), and is the process finished at this 
> point?
> regards
> Dave Dartnall
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