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Fred Janon fjanon at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 12 22:34:02 WST 2008

Hi Pluggers,

The Openmoko open source FreeRunner mobile phone will be released soon.
This will be the second version of the phone. See 


Please note that the advanced version is not going to exist anymore.
The target price was just announced on the openmoko mailing list
<http://lists.openmoko.org/mailman/listinfo/community>: US$399 and
US$369 for 10 units.

For those interested in a group order, there is a page on the wiki:


Add your name to it if you are interested in a group order when the
phone comes out. They will throw some extras for the early buyers.

Keep Open Sourcin'


Copy of the email from openmoko:

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 I thought I would combine a couple posts today. First an update on
PVT, or
production verification test. Phones are being sent to me from the
first PVT
run. Michael Shiloh will be back in Silicon valley next Tuesday, so he
and I
will test the samples and get them out to key partners. I want to check
couple things like using the Nokia batteries as spares and generic USB
chargers before I send these samples out.

Now, for the update on Products, and Pricing,

1. Products.

 Orginally the FreeRunner ( GTA02) was planned to come out in two
Basic and advanced, just like the Neo 1973. We killed that idea. It was
quick humane death. The problem was the GTA02 advanced unit would have
$650 USD. After seeing the response to Neo 1973, a huge response, we
the best path was to lower the price, reward our early developers, and
attract more developers.

2. Pricing
We scrubbed the BOM ( bill of materials). We eliminated the Luxurious
Optimized the box like it was code. The first thing we got rid of
was the lunchbox. It was cool, but it was expensive and heavy.
that was a sizeable cost savings. ( think shipping weight).

Next we pulled out the debug board and made it a separate product.  We
priced it at $99 US. about 1 tenth what people would pay for similar

My goal was to get to a place where we could sell the FreeRunner at

We did that.

The FreeRunner will ship from Openmoko.com at $399. For early customers
I'm looking at throwing in a few free things. More details later.

The debug board will be available as a separate product for $99 USD.

Many people wrote me mails asking if they could get a discount by
more than one phone. Sometimes they were universities, sometimes a
business, sometimes a small group or club.

For these people we created a 10Pack. instead of 399 per phone, we will
charge 369 per phone.

Over the next few days I will explain the next steps we go through and
how the product will get distributed


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