[plug] debian etch + vsftpd does not chroot jail users

mccabedj mccabedj at ucc.asn.au
Thu Apr 17 19:16:49 WST 2008

Richard Meyer wrote:
> To prove whether this is correct, bring down the ftp daemon and connect
> from windows again - if you can, my supposition is right, and you'll
> have to use some other way to jail the client.

>> User "badboy" has entry in /etc/passwd like so...
>> badboy:x:1002:1002:Bad Boy,,,:/home/badboy/./:/bin/bash

I imagine that you could replace /bin/bash with something like
    pola-run -B --prog=/bin/bash -fw=/home/badboy
after having installed plash from

This would also mean that badboy couldn't escape the jail by doing a 
plain ssh.

John C. McCabe-Dansted
PhD Student, University of Western Australia

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