[plug] need help on iptable rules

Jon L Miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Wed Apr 30 10:27:06 WST 2008

I always have issues with IpTables, never could get a grip on it, and so
please excuse if this is trivial.

If I want to have packets come from a remote site server to a destination

I would first need to make sure that the packets can get out using which a
forward rule to the external interface or and output rule to the external

On the destination server does the rule need to be a forward rule from the
external interface to the internal server?


What I have is a server on a remote  LAN ( that needs to
forward data through the gateway/firewall/internet server then travel along
a VPN to the other end of the VPN to that gateway/firewall/internet and to a
internal LAN server (


Jon L Miller, CCNA, MCNE, CNS

MMT Networks Pty Ltd

Perth, Western Australia


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