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Gregory Orange gregory.orange at metoceanengineers.com
Fri Feb 1 15:53:46 WST 2008

Hi all,
As requested by the esteemed Andrew Shugg, I'm forwarding on this 
month's meeting notice FYI.

More generally speaking, I'm a sideliner to both orgs (and intend to 
stay as such), but perhaps there could be a better form of regular 
cross-pollination between SAGE-AU/AUUG and PLUG? I think Andrew is the 
SAGE-AU meeting guy (or at least he'd know who is), so perhaps Patrick 
(or whoever it is) could talk to him? Even notice of each other's 
meetings would a great step in this tiny town (:

Something for the suggestion box.

My 2c,

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Hi all,

Another late meeting notice... sorry.  But you all knew it was coming,
didn't you?


                 SAGE-AU Western Australian Chapter Meeting 

                            - 5th February 2008 -


DATE:   Tuesday February 5th, 2008

TIME:   6:00 PM (drinks), 6:30 PM (meeting)

VENUE:  Moon and Sixpence British Pub
         300 Murray St
         Perth 6000

.: AGENDA :.

[6:00pm] Meet for drinks and chat at "The Stables" in the rear of the
pub.  The area is roped off with signage announcing the meeting.

[6:25pm]  Migration to the Raine Room of the adjoining Comfort Inn.

[6:30pm]  Welcome & Weekly War Stories.

[6:35pm]  Meeting commences.

This month's topic is Linux Bare Metal Recovery (Mondo Rescue),
presented by Andrew Shugg.

   "Hopefully all of you who came to the November 2007 meeting for the
   presentation of StorageCraft's ShadowProtect software will have gone
   away with your free copy of the product to excitedly try out on all
   your Windows PCs and servers.  Can you remember when bare-metal
   recovery was HARD?

   "This month I will be demonstrating Mondo Rescue, a freely available
   software package for PCs running GNU/Linux and FreeBSD operating
   systems.  Mondo Rescue can help you achieve many of the things you can
   do with ShadowProtect in Windows - system cloning, hardware
   independent restore, bare metal recovery, physical-to-virtual
   migration, OS provisioning, and the like.

   "They work in completely separate ways, however, and the concepts of
   one do not necessarily apply to the other.  Join me for this
   presentation and learn a lot of things that Mondo Rescue CAN do, as
   well as a frank and honest appraisal of what it CAN'T do.  Yet..."

Andrew Shugg is a Senior Consultant at E&P I.T. Solutions.  Their
servers (and more importantly, their customers' servers) are too
frightened to _ever_ need bare-metal recovery.

[7:30pm]  Meeting close.  Migration back to the pub for beer, soft
drinks, sandwiches, Q&A, and General Discussion of current IT issues.


The Moon and Sixpence pub is located on Murray Street, Perth, between
Queen and William Streets.  It is within easy walking distance of the
Busport, Wellington Street Bus Station or Perth Train Station.  For
those who are driving, Murray Street is one-way with vehicle entry
available from Milligan Street.  Parking is available from one of
several City of Perth carparks located along Murray Street, as well as
in bays on Murray Street itself.  Find your way there with Google Maps!


Or if that doesn't work, full URL below[1].

You can also check the menu and beers list at their website:



Please pass this message on to any other people that you know who might
be interested in attending - system administrators, technicians,
engineers, hobbyists, enthusiasts, etc. Everyone is welcome!  Permission
to forward this message overrides the usual SAGE-AU mailing list
disclaimer or any other that may appear below.

On behalf of SAGE-AU, I look forward to seeing you at the February 2008


Andrew S.


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