[plug] iiNet phishing attempt

Lance Duivenbode plug at duivenbode.id.au
Mon Feb 11 13:44:54 WST 2008

Hi all,

This is not strictly Linux based but I felt it important to spread the news 

I've just received an email that is supposedly from iiNet customer support 
(sending email was info at iinet.net.ms) asking for me to 'validate' my account. 
To the tech savvy, this is obviously a phishing attack but it may be wise for 
us to remind those we know who are not tech savvy that this is bogus.

I've included the full text below - and sorry for bending the OT rules :)



Dear Customer,
 Due to a few problems experienced in our service network,you are expected to 
undergo an account holders re-validation process in order to sort out some 
problems that may be encountered in our email service to you. 
 This process is not going to take long and will be characterized by certain 
lapses in our email services to you.
 The iiNet  Network®  will require you to complete the account details below 
and select a test question and answer (to serve as security code that will be 
needed in logging in to your account service during the duration of this 
process). These details below should be stated in your reply to this email;
 Full Name:
 Email Account login: 
 Account Password: 
 *Test Question: 
 You will be sent a new confirmation alphanumerical password to that will only 
be valid during this period and can be changed after the process. 
 Thanks for your understanding.
 Customer Service 

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