[plug] Acer Aspire 4315

rennie rennie.barnett at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 12:17:15 WST 2008

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:06:20 Mike Holland wrote:
> rennie wrote:
> > Is it possible that the Celeron CPU/chipset/BIOS does not support cpu
> > throttling?
> That has certainly been the case in the past with cheaper laptop CPUs.

I suspected as much, although I have found some "documentation" with images of 
the Acer power management app' running under Vista indicating that the CPU 
can be throttled.

> > I'm still testing things with the suspend issue.
> What? You mean its sold with Linux preinstalled, but suspend STILL
> doesn't work?  How is hibernate? (suspend to disk)

Yes, the default Ubuntu install was set to turn off the screen when the lid 
was closed.

It works 2 or 3 times when I use #s2ram ---force. On the second or third 
restore the machine powers-off, as in you press a button to get it back to 
life, there is a flash of some LED, some noise then power-down

Suspend to disk works in a similar fashion - after the third or fourth resume 
I can't get the wireless (Atheros/ndiswrapper) back not mater which modules I 
unload and reload and no matter how many ifup's & ifdowns I do. 

> BTW, it would be worth getting more memory for that machine, as its so
> cheap now, and will speed it up with gnome/KDE etc.

I'll be looking into it.

It's an OK machine for the $ I payed but it's a bit of a disappointment that 
these issues are present as I like being able to just close the lid on the 
kitchen bench and walk away - as per the misses Mac.

I'll let you all know if I find any more info.



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