[plug] PLUG AGM

Daniel J. Axtens danielax at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 17:18:09 WST 2008

Hi All,

Here's a brief wrap-up of Tuesday's AGM - sorry to have taken so long!

President: Patrick Coleman
Vice-President: Adon Metcalfe
Treasurer: Mark Gaynor
Secretary: Ian Kent

OCMs: Jason Nicholls, Adrian Woodley, Ritchie Young

Librarian: Lance Duivenbode
Talks Co-ordinator: Patrick Coleman, assisted by Alastair Irvine.
Webmasters: Ian Kent, Jason Nicholls, Ritchie Young
Listmasters: Alastair Irvine, Ian Kent, Ritchie Young

(If I've made any mistakes, especially wrt the volunteer positions,
please let me know!)

Full minutes are coming.

Daniel Axtens

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