[plug] re: Email rules

Alex Polglaze apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au
Wed Feb 20 18:27:29 WST 2008

Gavin Chester wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 12:00 +0900, Bret Busby wrote:
> Okay - hoping to learn here, so please indulge me further :-) What
> really gives me the sh at ts is email newbs who send to a group in an
> organisation or association (let's say 12-50 recipients) and the email
> client displays all addresses in the "to" box that ends up taking up a
> whole damn screen! :-( So, that's where "undisclosed" recipients in the
> BCC protects privacy and saves eye strain. Your suggestion of mail lists
> is obviously the best, but well beyond most people guilty of this email
> bad-practice.
> What is a compromise to satisfy netiquette and spam filters? Would one
> user with two valid email addresses suffice (from and to, with everyone
> else in BCC)? Please, I do this from time to time and don't want my
> missives to be labelled spam :-)
Why don't you just BCC everybody or else create a list and BCC that. You 
end with a "from" address and an "undisclosed recipient" in the "to" box.

No eye strain, no screen waste, and no access to e-mail address for 
nefarious "other" persons.


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