[plug] re: Email rules

Jon L Miller jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au
Thu Feb 21 08:41:54 WST 2008

If anyone is using SA and MailWatch I'm wondering if they are getting mail
with the title February 72% OFF or Pharmacy Online February 70% OFF the
following as footer:

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On Feb 20, 2008 9:39 AM, Jon L. Miller <jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au> wrote:
> It is only from the outside that this rule needs to be applied.  If I send
> an e-mail that originated from a remote location from me to me then I want
> this to be quarantined as the only time these users are using this system
> is from inside.

I think SPF does something similar to this - you specify using a
special DNS record on your domain what mail servers are permitted to
send mail for your domain. If your system receives a message from a
mailserver that is not listed in the From: address domain's SPF
record, it will do something with it.

'Something' can be dropping it, flagging it, giving it an extra point
in spamassassin, etc.


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