Try wireless broadband? Re: [plug] looking for a linux-friendly isp

Michael Holland michael.holland at
Wed Jan 2 12:16:20 WST 2008

Mathieu Petit-Clair wrote:
  So I'm looking to get broadband (around
> 1Mbps and 4-5Go per month) installed, along with home phone, for a 6 to
> 12 months period.

If you are moving that soon, it might be better to get "wireless 
broadband". The best deals require a 2 year commit, with varying 
penalties for breaking, but you can take it when you move, and use
it away from home.

> And I'd like to get a modem that can easily be used on Linux - one with
> an ethernet connection (not usb!).

Anything ethernet, except for Apple gear, I believe.
But the USB wireless 3G modem works fine with linux. You can even get a 
cheap wireless router with USB, flash a custom firmware, and plug in the 

And as senectus said, see .

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