[plug] gigabit lan

regfrem at connect.net.au regfrem at connect.net.au
Fri Jan 11 11:30:18 WST 2008

On Tue, 2008-01-08 at 18:05 +0900, Kev wrote:
> G'day all

> The problem:  There appears to be no improvement in network speeds - no 
> change at all.  Copying files between these 2 machines I have in front 
> of me happens at about 3.6Mbytes/sec according to gkrellm.  I'm using 
> good condition bought, moulded cat5E cables, each 2m long.  Only the 
> switch between them.

Hi Kev,

Is all the cabling correctly installed and terminated? If you have poor
termination or a source of interference you will not achieve maximum
transfer rate. EMF / RFI.

If you try a test PC - PC with a cross-over cable make sure that the
NICs are set to a speed rather than 'auto'. I've seen instances where
the auto sensing doesn't work to well and the speed 'hunts'.

Cat 6 has better noise rejection than Cat 5 and 5E.


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