[plug] Just works wireless card.

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Fri Jan 18 07:00:40 WST 2008

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> A while back I inherited an HP 6000-something laptop running XP.  When
> I
> tried to secure it by MAC, I found I had to manually enter an address.
> I picked one already in the system and added 1 to it.  Worked fine.
> As a security risk, probably inside info would be needed...
> Jim
> Gregory Orange wrote:
> > Is a MAC ACL worth the trouble? I thought MAC spoofing was like
> taking
> > candy from a baby.
> >
> > Greg.
> >

Inside info isn't needed... the wireless cards broadcast their MACs
already, so it's just a matter of sniffing the encrypted traffic and
taking the unencrypted MAC off the start of *a* packet.

"Like candy from a baby that never knows you've even been"

Craig F.

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