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Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Fri Jan 25 19:37:31 WST 2008

Sounds like something with Squid? :)

Check out uhm, ipcop?


On Fri, Jan 25, 2008, Tim White wrote:
> The organisation I'm with atm, is looking at providing students with 
> Internet access. But we require that it's similar to an Internet kiosk 
> (hotspot), so that we can take payments, and give them a usage limit (in 
> data, not time), as well as providing filtering.
> Basically, I'm looking for a hotspot/kiosk manager for Linux, that 
> obviously integrates with a proxy and iptables (we need to give them 
> transparent proxy access, and msn/VoIP/IRC...). The proxy is basically 
> just for URL based filtering, as well as simple caching to speed up the 
> connection marginally (here in South Africa, most Internet access is via 
> Wireless).
> I'm yet to see the machine it'll be running on, but it's most likely 
> going to be a single NIC, with the router on the physical network (so if 
> they configured their own machine, they could bypass the system), but 
> all the machines that will be going through the kiosk gateway will be 
> assigned via DHCP, with the kiosk gateway as their default route. (So 
> the kiosk gateway could actually have 2 subnets on the same NIC, or have 
> the client machines on half the subnet, and the router on the other 
> half, I'm yet to work all those details out).
> Any suggestions to prebuilt packages for this, or how to easily set this 
> up? My basic thoughts to using it are like wireless hotspots. DHCP your 
> network settings, then login into a web interface to obtain access to 
> the network. A nice feature would also allow you to set a MAC address 
> for your login, that alleviates the need for the web interface login.
> Thanks
> Tim
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