[plug] monitor flashes when booting

Steve Boak sboak at westnet.com.au
Sat Jun 7 21:02:29 WST 2008

> I have an IBM x220 server with SLES10SP1 and when I built it I was using a
> 19" LCD screen (Hyundai) and when I went to put it in the rack the monitor
> there is a 15" Mitsubishi Diamond View 1554R.  When it comes online the
> controls for the monitor flashes and I cannot see anything on the monitor.
> Can someone point me in the right direction on fixing this?
> I know it has to do with the configuration of the XSystem files, but I'm
> not sure.

Editing the config file in console mode is the best fix, but you may be
able to get your monitor working under X with the current config file by
manually changing display modes with ctrl-alt-plus or ctrl-alt-minus.


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