[plug] ups driven automatic server shutdown

Patrick Coleman blinken at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 17:53:17 WST 2008

On 6/19/08, Adam Hewitt <ahewitt at theozhewitts.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am currently trying to find a good solution for the above problem. So far
> all the options I have are either a lot of development or dont go far enough
> into what I need.

Yeah, I've thought the same thing when I was looking something for
about 40 servers earlier this year. I didn't look into nut in depth,
though, and chances are it'll do what I want based on what I've seen
here (I dont -really- have any ordering requirements across servers
when shutting down, beyond the obvious PDC, file servers).

A centralised UPS shutdown manager with ordering and constraints
sounds like the job for a quick Python project :)


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