[plug] ubuntu cpu not recognised properly

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 11:58:08 WST 2008

I have been setting up an old laptop as a home web server for a learning
experience using Xubuntu 7.04. I've been biting the bullet and trying to
shun the gui to maximise performance on this old system and did an
install of a command-line-only system, so I'm on a learning curve.
Expect other cries for advice in future ;-)

The hardware is _supposed_ to be Cel400, 192Mb ram, 6Gb drive. Quite
adequate for the purpose if I keep a trim, cli-only system.

Trouble is, I had doubts about its speed so did $cat /proc/cpuinfo and
it shows that ubuntu only recognises it as 200Mhz cpu !! :-( I've had
other distros on this same laptop in the past and in _ALL_ other cases
the cpu was properly recognised, so never had this problem before. I've
even had suse 10.1, full graphical desktop with OOorg running reasonably
well on this laptop, so how can I get ubuntu to properly recognise the
true cpu speed?


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