[plug] Gallery v1

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Sun Mar 9 18:40:52 WST 2008


Yes, it is morning somewhere in the world...like Western Europe :)

Anyway, quick question, does anyone know if Gallery v1 has any limits to 
it ? ie if there's a database file somewhere that needs to be backed-up, 
saved and a new one created in order for the indexing tables to not get 
too big and make the gallery app itself very slow to respond to web 
requests ? or if some other sort of clean-up can be done it when there 
are thousands of photo's on it ?

For a while I've had problems with my gallery taking a long time 
(sometimes up to three minutes) to load any page, same photo's load at 
regular speeds if not uploaded via gallery. Been intending to fix it but 
too busy at college.

Suggestions, comments are very welcome.


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