SOLVED - Re: [plug] home cat5 issues

Gavin Chester gavin.chester at
Thu Mar 20 14:32:51 WST 2008

On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 14:07 +0900, Mike Holland wrote:
> Gavin,
> have you tried putting terminators on the ends of the cable, as you 
> would do for coax ethernet. It'd be interesting to see if that made any 
> difference.
>    Of course you will still have an undesired terminating load in the 
> mid-way ethernet port, and coax never did more than 10Mb, but it might
> do something.

Thanks for comment, but no, I haven't tried that. Given the experiment
you suggest will probably give degraded performance, I am resigned to
re-jigging the installed cable and connectors to achieve a topology more
in spec. I am aiming to keep full 100mbs duplex because another goal of
the lan is a discless/thin client setup using either LTSP or DRBL.
Latency would be very noticeable in such a setup.


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