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bob bob at fots.org.au
Sun Mar 23 22:30:48 WST 2008

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Kev Downes wrote:
> Greetings from the fabulous Gt Southern,
> I've always run the little KWeather applet in my panel.  However, now
> that I live in Albany I'm not so interested in Perth's weather.  I noted
> last night, at a friend's place, that the weather applet in Vista allows
> an Albany (in WA not NY) selection.  Can, and if so, will someone please
> point me at a way to achieve this in Linux.  I assume that as Windoze
> does it, the met office here at Albany does have some link enabled for
> this purpose.
> Tia
> Kev

Hi Kev,

Been crook again this last week and am only catching up now.

If you get stuck try...

Otherwise I think its a matter of finding the correct airport code to plug 
in to kweather. Try this for Albany WA :)

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