[plug] Linux Sprinkler Controller

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 11:51:10 WST 2008

Hello all!

Back in July last year, someone asked the list about sensors for
remotely monitoring servers. In the discussion I mentioned that I'd
recently bought and used a ethernet single board computer and made it
into my sprinkler controller.

Fast forward 9 months... I've finally completed a page documenting the
system, and put it online. Someone at the time asked that I document
what I've done... and I said 'in a few weeks'. So much for that

Anyway, for those who are interested (image heavy page):


And, for those monitoring, this is Linux related: scheduling the
sprinklers is all done from my Linux fileserver - including odd stuff
like downloading the sprinkler schedule from my Google Calendar. The
code (all on the page) is a mix of Python and bash.

Have fun!

Daniel Foote.

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