[plug] Apache Server Alias

michaelbaker at westnet.com.au michaelbaker at westnet.com.au
Wed May 7 17:57:25 WST 2008

Well if DNS was configured right. Apache shouldnt even see the

media.mydomain.com. IN CNAME google.com.

Would make http://media.mydomain.com open up on Google's web server
provided I reload the records with a new serial.

If it is the same server tell apache about media. before *. :)

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>On Wed, May 7, 2008 at 2:24 PM, Steve Baker <steve at iinet.net.au>
>>  In that case:
>>  You need to create 'virtual hosts' or vhosts under your apache
>> configuration.  Under each vhost put in the ServerName and any
>> ServerAliases that you want that vhost to respond to.
>Yes, I have name-based vhosts set up.
>>  Using the configuration below, the second vhost will use the
>> directory and will be picked up by apache when any of 'media',
>> 'media.myname.com' or 'othername.myname.com' are used in the
>browser.  The
>> first vhost should pick up any other names that route to your
>I don't want it routed to my webserver.  It's already doing that.  I
>want media.myname.com  routed to the foreign host site.
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