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Ian Ball ian at iball.id.au
Sat May 17 09:58:16 WST 2008


Amnet offers ADSL2+ for $29 a month.  They also do Naked DSL for $19.95
a month, which includes a VoIP account.

Amnet also gives you a WAIX quota, which means that you can get plenty
of Linux ISOs from WAIX mirrors without it affecting your normal quota.
Also, updates will come via WAIX if you choose a suitable repository.

As others have mentioned, there is no need to worry about Linux
compatibility.  Just get a DSL modem, and connect it using Ethernet.
You can get either a 4 port or single port modem.  Many 4-port modems
(such as the Netcomm NB9+4W) come with wireless and a built in ATA for
your VoIP.  

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On Fri, 2008-05-16 at 03:04 +0800, Dem N wrote:
> plug question:
> Hi, I'm researching broadband, because I'm getting a little tired of
> dialup, and I'd like to know what people would recommend.
> Basically I want about 1G at any broadband speed (I'd prefer cheaper
> to faster) with shaping (I want to ensure there are no excess fees),
> and I'd like to keep it to under $30 a month. I could get a Vista
> laptop, but I'd rather use Linux, so compatibility with Linux is
> virtually a must, and support, if possible, would be good, though it
> looks like no one offers this.
> So far, the best deal seems to be iinet's package of 2Gb (peak) naked
> DSL with bundled VOIP ($50 combined with phone; my usual phone bill is
> $35 so that's just $15 for good broadband). I've checked with them,
> and my line is compatible with naked DSL, so there's no problem there.
> The only thing holding me back is really that (1) Is it definitely
> Linux compatible? I'm using Fedora Core 4, but could upgrade to Fed 7
> if needed. (2) They have an irritating way of doing phone messages (it
> sends a .wav file to your email address). Has anyone had any
> experience with iinet's VOIP, using their own (non-iinet) VOIP phone
> with an answering machine, and does it work?
> Also, can anyone tell me of any decent rival offers?
> Also, no one seems to provide an installation CD for Linux. Is it
> technically difficult to install broadband, and roughly what does it
> involve? Are there any websites that give good general guides to this?
> regards,
> Dem Nisbet. 
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