[plug] Re: Looking for a Web Monkey (Still)

Hooker hooker at iinet.net.au
Thu May 22 11:11:32 WST 2008

 On Thu May 22 10:10 , 'W.Kenworthy'  sent:
>a) Are you training staff in the skills they need? - I mean properly,
>not token exercises - companies like to hire fully skilled staff so they
>dont have to invest in the training, but when no-one is coming through
t>he training pipeline like now, they are left out.
>b) Are you paying them what they are worth? - this is a recurring theme
>in Perth - easy to fix if you REALLY want staff.
>From what I can see, Perth as a whole (and I am not pointing the finger
>at any one firm, but at most of them) does not do either of the above in
>any meaningful way.

a) Good point. We prefer that staff know the selected language well (that's Perl for a number of locally-valid reasons) and if they don't but are able to convinced us that they are able and willing to learn it, it's very much "on the job" training by way of initial small projects. As they get better and more comfortable with the local standards, the projects get bigger.

b) Now there's an argument that a number of us have had here before. OTOH, I've interviewed new graduates who expect $80k and a car with no experience. Not all companies pay well I'd agree, but there's also an unreasonable expectation surfacing at times.

The training issue is similar in the UK, or was 10 years ago when I left.


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