[plug] Greetings

Kev kdownes at bbnet.com.au
Sat May 24 11:29:40 WST 2008

G'day Peter,

I'm almost a neighbour too.  I'm just down a little south of you in 
Albany.  Welcome to the lurkers corner :-) .


Peter Taekema wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm new to this list so I'm just jumping in to say "hi".
> About me:
> Name: Peter.
> Age: 43
> From: Katanning
> Occupation:  Sys Admin + Help Desk (Win,unix)  8+ yrs.
> Employer:  Public Servant
> Linux?
> I purchased my first Linux disk in 1993 and have been in 'love' ever
> since!  Currently using Debian/knoppix/Ubuntu
> Interests:  Web development and graphic design, photography. I run my
> own linux server(s) and host a few websites, mostly using drupal
> (http://drupal.org)....  currently trying to improve me php skills.
> I run a small part time web service: Great Southern Web Design
> (http://gswd.com)
> I'm interested in connecting with other like minded Linux users and
> would love to be a part of PLUG but the three hour drive is a killer... 
> ...so for now, I'll just be lurking on this list....
> cheers.
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Kev Downes
kdownes at bbnet.com.au  ph 0404 7 0808 2
We used to use and recommend Xandros but they went to the dark side
So we'll soon be using and recommending Debian Etch
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   ... those who understand binary, and those who don't!
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        - Blaise Pascal, Pensees 149

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