[plug] Recycled machines

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Wed May 28 15:31:11 WST 2008

Indeed... I designed a 4 layer PCB on a 486 at 33Mhz... and booted/compiled 
Linux .99 kernels... soooo very long ago :-)


Chris Caston wrote:
>> Reuse beats recycle, true. But a 486?! I find that hard to believe.
>> Even if you could find a use for it, the hard disks and power supplies 
>> would be on their last legs.
> Well I remember playing Doom, Star Wars Rebel Assault, Return to Zork, 
> various Sierra games, using Grolliers Encylopedia, doing home work  and 
> browsing the web and newsgroups on a 386.

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