Ubuntu X crashes - Was Re: [plug] Greetings

Kai vk6ksj at westnet.com.au
Fri May 30 14:47:42 WST 2008

Hehehe, already tested that theory, removed GNASH and tried Adobe Flash, 
  didn't help :P

Funnily enough, my cousin has the same problem on his machine which is 
running totally different hardware and on x86, I'm on AMD 64.

For those not having any problems, where did you get your ISO's from ? 
ie that FTP site ?

Marcos Raúl Carot Collins wrote:
> Maybe you are using the free GNU flash player, GNASH, instead Adobe Flash?
> GNASH is -sadly- not perfect yet.
> Marcos
> 2008/5/30 Kai <vk6ksj at westnet.com.au>:
>> I've had a few updates since I emailed about the crashing, thought something
>> in there might've changed but it still happens....haven't been able to
>> pinpoint anything yet.
>> While I'm at it, anyone on 8.04 have problems sometimes getting Flash
>> animations to play ? I have flashblock, so click the PLAY symbol and 7/10
>> tries, after a page refresh, the flash animation doesn't play, jut gives me
>> a grey screen where the animation should be.

 >-- snip --<

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