[plug] Latest timezone files?

Andrew Furey andrew.furey at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 16:29:10 WST 2008

On 02/10/2008, Matt Kemner <zombie at penguincare.com.au> wrote:
> You can grab them from http://charlie.penguincare.com.au/zoneinfo/Australia/
>  I compiled them from the official sources about 6 months ago.
>  Once installed you can confirm you have the right zoneinfo files by using
>  "zdump -v"

Thanks, those ones should do the trick.

> How did you test them? Did you copy them to /usr/share/zoneinfo first?

Ah, I've just re-tested and the ones I had were correct - but I was
doing it as a relative path, in which case it must always look in
/usr/share/zoneinfo (and probably wasn't finding them at all).

Specifying the absolute path to the generated files (to zdump) shows
that they're correct after all :)

Thanks guys,

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