[plug] Meeting tonight?

Evert van Dijk evert at silver-sword.net
Tue Oct 14 15:51:45 WST 2008

I have tried a few times to install LTSP the most recent was the Ubuntu 8.10 attempt and have not as yet been successful. Therefore I would be very grateful for a video or transcript of this meeting/event. Due to other commitments I am not able to attend in person. 

If there is some cost towards this please let me know. 



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> One was rumoured. but the site says nix.

Oops, forgot to update the website. Definitely a meeting tonight, as
per the email I sent out a week or so ago (topic is LTSP).

> Should we grab a BlogSpot user for this? Very easy to update, could be
> integrated into PlanetLA (for announcment-style stuff, anyway).

Sure, though the issue appears to be me remembering to update stuff,
rather than there not being enough things to update :P If someone is
happy to copy the plug-announce emails across to it once a month I'd
be most appreciative.


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