[plug] ssh access

Peter Sutter sutterp at sopac.com.au
Wed Oct 15 21:41:48 WST 2008

What is wrong with generating ssh keys for those users/machines that need to 
log on and disable password prompting. No key, no access. It has the 
additional advantage that you do not need to remember a password. Moving a 
service to another port is not a deterrent as a port scan will reveal the 
service offered.

On Wednesday 15 October 2008 07:42, Jon L. Miller wrote:
> In a attempt to stop ssh hack attacks (in the log there are 100's of
> attempts) I've changed the port number of 22 to another port number.  Made
> the changes in the Firewall to allow this new port number through.
> However, when I attempt to access this from a remote location it times
> out.  On some servers it works okay but on others it does not.  Is there a
> way to see the incoming packets hitting the firewall to "hopefully" see
> what errors are showing up?  By this I mean I'll be on site on the server.

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