[plug] Random crashes

Lucas van Staden lvs at dedmeet.com
Mon Oct 20 07:43:05 WST 2008


Just had similar issues, also with an Ubuntu based install. Crashes also 
seemed very random, but only when I was busy with something.
When my machine crashed, the lights on the keyboard flashed (kernel 
panic?), and  only a  hard reset could recover the machine.

Some googling revealed  the issue was related to issues within ubuntu's 
2.6.24-16-generic kernel, mostly in direct relation to GPU drivers.  I 
am running a Nvida 9600GT based card.
The solution was to upgrade the kernel past 2.6.24-18-generic, I 
installed 2.6.24-19-generic

Possible you also running the 2.6.24-16-generic kernel? Worth an upgrade 
before you start replacing hardware.


Kai wrote:
> Hi guys and girls,
> I was home for holidays in July, built a machine a few days before I 
> left, got it working with Ubuntu and it looked good but maybe the 
> power supply is a bit variable with the wattage it supplies, not sure 
> what the problem is but it'll run fine for a sporadic amount of time, 
> sometimes minutes other times it'll go for a week or so...then crash.
> I've checked /var/log/messages for hardware or daemons that have 
> problems on start-up, can't see anything that looks to be causing the 
> problem, what other log files would be a good place to look for 
> finding hardware that's not responding so I can try to figure out 
> where the problem is without being onsite?
> This prolly sounds like a n00b question, I've been too busy with 
> aviation studies in the last 1.5 years, haven't had much time to 
> actually use many of my IT skills.
> Cheers
> Kai

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