[plug] Fax server options

Tim Bowden tim.bowden at westnet.com.au
Mon Oct 20 17:35:41 WST 2008

I'm looking at setting up a fax server for sending and receiving faxes.
A quick look shows two main options- mgetty-fax/ mgetty-viewfax or

The functionality I'm after is to have a "fax Printer" shared across the
network by cups (and possibly samba for any windows hosts that may
occasionally be used) and have incoming faxes stored as pdf's for
collection.  An email to predetermined user(s) when a new incoming fax
is processed would be nice (with the pdf attached?) but isn't strictly

Is anyone able to make any recommendations as to how things should be

Tim Bowden
Experience is that marvelous thing that enables you recognize a mistake
when you make it again.

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