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fyi all,

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Subject: Open Source Dev Conf 2008 Earlybird registration closing this
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 15:33:26 +1100


Could you please pass this onto members of your group. Thanks.


OSDC 2008 Earlybird registration closing this Friday

Book by THIS FRIDAY to take advantage of earlybird pricing
and be part of the "best" open source developers conference
of the year.


The facts:

31st October        Earlybird registration closing

2nd December        Google Hackathon
3rd - 5th December  Conference Program
3rd December        Conference Dinner

Where is it:

SMC Conference and Function Centre
66 Goulburn St
Sydney NSW 2000

The Main Conference

The Open Source Developers' Conference 2008 is a conference
run by open source developers, for developers and business 
people. This year we have talks covering Apache, Java, Ruby,
Perl, PHP, Python, Testing and much more. Our keynote speakers
this year are:

* Larry Wall, the creator of Perl
* Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager for Google
* Anthony Baxter, Python Evangelist
* Pia Waugh, Consultant, Waugh Partners
* Andrew Tridgell, Founder, Samba Team

Check out the program for more information:


Google Hackathon

The day before the main conference, there will be an optional
event. The Google Hackathon will consist of 3 coding workshops
during the day with attendance limited to a maximum of 100 
people/workshop. To register for any of the workshops, you must
have registered for the 3 day OSDC 2008 main conference. 

Thanks to our sponsors: 
Google, Corporate Express, Sun Microsystems,
Strategic Data, Obsidian Consulting Group, 
IBM, Zacware/Freeway, ACS, Net Logistics, GROX, 
UTBox, Internode, Linux Magazine


Mark Rees
OSDC 2008 Committee

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