[plug] Adding a repository to Fedora Core 10 for updates and problems using ls on mounted directories?

sothisistheinternet sothisistheinternet at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 02:56:21 WST 2009

Hi all,

It's almost 3am and I'm bleary eyed and not willing to chance mucking
around any more (after all these hours of mucking around trying to get
things working again) with my fresh FC10 install in this state. I
chose a fresh install from FC6 as there've been four releases since
then. I'm having two issues that I need help with:

1. How do I add the iiNet fedora core 10 updates repository to yum so
I can enjoy quota free updates? I've read a bunch of different
versions and each one is missing something. Could you
please...PLEASE...tell me explicitly what needs to be done?

2. When I mount a data partition, say, sudo mount /dev/sdc1
/pub/blahblah when I try to ls /pub/blahblah I cannot:

ls: Cannot open directory /pub/blahblah, permission denied.

I'm a member of the group for that directory and the permissions are
770 (g+s) after the mount.

use sudo ls /pub/blahblah it works fine.

What am I buggering up this time?




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