[plug] UPS PowerShield "Restart"

Tim White weirdit at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 05:46:50 WST 2009

I'm looking at getting the Powershield Defender UPS's from PLE to help 
my computer ride through the silly little power glitches that seem to 
kill the computer without resetting it. I have in the BIOS the setting 
to restart the computer after the power has been disconnected. What I'm 
hoping for with these UPS's, is the ability to shutdown a machine 
cleanly, and then when the UPS is back on AC power, to restart the 
computer. Does anyone know if it's possible with these UPS's, or have it 
working? Otherwise, I'd forgo the shutdown and instead just have the 
computer cleanly "shutdown" parts of it, like NFS and remount the 
harddrives read only, and allow the UPS battery to run down, so when the 
power is restored, the BIOS will bring the computer back up as per normal.


p.s. This is all for a Linux box, which these UPS's are supposed to have 
software for, any comments on the included Linux software?

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